Dressing Rooms

The MRA is committed to protecting the safety and comfort of its Members at all events sanctioned by the MRA. This policy regulates the supervision of minors who participate in MRA events for the purpose of protecting the safety and privacy of Members. The policy addresses the topics of supervision, Player behavior, music, use of recording devices including phones, non-players in the dressing room and males in the dressing room.

The policy applies to all dressing room sessions which are part of MRA scheduled activities. It applies to every dressing room that is occupied by any Members who are under the age of majority including teams from U6 to U19.
In addition to the specific regulations of the dressing room policy, the Player Code of Conduct and the Parent Code of Conduct also apply.

Supervision in the dressing room:

• Players who are under 18 years of age shall be monitored in the dressing room.
• Supervision varies by age of the Player and by the situation, as follows:

U06 and U08 and U10

Player supervision in the dressing room is the responsibility of the Player’s parent or guardian, male or female.

• Pre-game coaching talk in dressing room may occur in the presence of at least two team staff; one of the adults in room at time of coaching talk MUST be an adult female with required background checks completed.• Players are required to abide by a dressing code that requires undergear at all times in the common room.
• It is recommended that adults do not enter the dressing room alone with any Player that is not their child.

U12 and U14 and U16/19
U08-U19 Male Players
Player behavior in dressing room

Choice of music in the dressing room:

Music in the dressing room and for all MRA activities must be age-appropriate and not contain explicit language.
Siblings and Friends in the Dressing Room:

U6 – U8 – U10: Siblings and friends are permitted in the dressing room, as long as there is space and the visiting children behave appropriately.

U12 – U14 – U16/19: Siblings and friends are not permitted in the dressing room.
It is the responsibility of the Head Coach to assign appropriate dressing room supervisor(s) for the team. The Head Coach shall make sure that the volunteers, Players and parents are aware of the dressing room policy. All dressing room supervisors should have submitted their Vulnerable Sector Check to MRA. The Head Coach shall also make sure the dressing room is monitored by the selected volunteers and, when necessary, advise parents of changes to team supervision standards. The Head Coach is responsible to address any problem behaviors with the Players parents and report concerns to the division coordinator.

The dressing room supervisors shall make sure dressing room behavior is in accordance with the dressing room policy and codes of conduct. The dressing room supervisors shall inform the Head Coach of any serious or recurring problem that happens in the dressing room.