Rebate for Goaltender Position

This policy is to help offset the added costs often associated with the goalie position.

This policy applies to Moncton Ringette Members playing house league ringette at the U12 level and above.
Teams at the U10 level and below are not eligible for rebates given that there is a focus on development and teams are strongly encouraged to rotate through the goalie position at those age levels. This is as recommended in Ringette Canada LTAD guidelines.


The MRA will provide a $250 rebate to Players who play at least 50% of season games in the goaltender position. The rebate will be provided in the form of a refund.

The MRA Board may award the rebate to Players who play less than 50% of season games in the goaltender position in certain circumstances. Each request for exemption will be reviewed by the MRA Board on a case by case basis.
How to Apply:

1. Applicants must complete and remit the Goaltender Rebate Request Form to the MRA Treasurer within a week of the end of the ringette season.

2. Application must include a document with dates of all team games and dates of games the applicant played in goalie position.

3. Applicants must have paid the full player registration fee for the season in accordance with MRA payment timeline requirements.

4. Applicants must be in good standing with MRA and have no fees owing.