Team Budget and Fees

Based on the planned expenses in the approved team budget, the team treasurer shall collect team fees of an equal amount from each team member to provide operating funds for the team. A team may also pay for operating expenses with sponsorship money and revenue from fundraising.

The MRA has established caps on team fees that may be charged for teams as follows:

  • U10 and below: $200 per Player based on team composition of 14 or more Players
  • U12 and above: $250 per Player based on team composition of 14 or more Players
  • No team shall require team members to pay more than these amounts per Player without specific written authorization from the MRA Treasurer.
  • If a team budget requires higher amounts than the above, a prepared budget must be approved by the MRA Treasurer prior to requesting funds from parents.
  • All team members shall share equally in the payment of team fees.
  • A team’s budget shall never project a surplus. Any funds left over at the end of the season shall not be refunded to the Players. For this reason, the treasurer must not overcharge Players for team fees or authorize excessive fundraising.
  • The team treasurer shall frequently monitor the status of the team budget to collect funds that cover expenses without leaving any surplus..

Any leftover funds can be used in the following ways:

  • To pay for additional team expenses, such as year-end gifts or team parties
  • To be credited to the Player next year towards team fees
  • To give to a registered charity
  • Returned to the MRA

The team manager/treasurer has the following responsibilities:

  • Prepare a draft team budget in conjunction with the Head Coach
  • Obtain a minimum of 75% approval from the parents or guardians of team members for the budget and the desired amount of fundraising, if any
  • Get unanimous approval from parents to use personal bank account to manage team funds, otherwise, set up a separate bank account for the team
  • May collect team fees in one lump sum at the start of the season, but must provide the option for payment in installments throughout the season if requested
  • Must pay all legitimate and approved team expenses
  • Must keep a ledger of all team income and expenses
  • Must provide the team members with regular financial updates
  • Must disperse any residual funds in the team account in the manner prescribed above
  • The MRA Treasurer is responsible for auditing team accounts at the request of Members.