Team Sizes

The preferred team size is 11-16 Players (12-17 when there are 2 goalies). The following guidelines will be used to determine team sizes (based on 1 goalie):

  • IF <11 Players = 0
  • IF 11-16 Players = 1
  • IF 22-32 Players = 2
  • IF 33-48 Players = 3

If there are less than 11 Players or between 17 and 21 Players in a division by the registration deadline, registration will remain open to find additional Players, after which it may be necessary to be combined with another division.

If players pre-registered for a division falls within the guidelines established above, registration shall be closed and a waiting list established.

If there are enough players on the waiting list and sufficient team staff and ice times can be identified for an additional team for all players within that division an additional team can be created.

MRA recommends playing within the recommended age divisions however reserves the right to recommend player movement to satisfy team size in consultation with parents for players willingness to play up or down; players skill level will be assessed based on a review with MRA coaching staff only.  No undo pressure shall be used by MRA or any parent in asking a Player to move to make room for another. The MRA Board will only consider moving Players up a division or down a division only if it benefits team size and will not negatively affect the athlete.

** These procedures do not assume to cover every scenario and as such are to be used as an initial procedure to guide the MRA Board in determining team size at the beginning of the year. Other circumstances and solutions can always be considered in consultation with parents and Players if appropriate.

The MRA Board shall make the final determinations and team size decisions.